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  • Quick Tips to Build Your Credit

    Building & Maintaining Your Score

    Responsibility is key in building good credit.  Maintaining good credit plays a big role in some of the large purchases you may make in your lifetime.  Understanding that it starts with how you pay your bills and the credit accounts you open. Keeping balances low and making your payments on time will not only help you maintain but will help you stay in good standing with your score.  The building part is where it can be tricky.  Below are some easy tips that can help you get started on the road to a good credit score!

    1. Pay your bills on time!
    2. Open a bank account- A must if you are just beginning to build
    3. Co-signer help-  When you haven’t established much yet this can be a huge help to get the ball rolling. But make sure your co-signer has good credit history and remember you are both responsible for whatever line of credit you may be opening and the payments.
    4. Open a secure credit card- But always pay your bill on time
    5. Maintain a good job and keep it
    6. Avoid mistakes that could take a toll on your credit report- MAKE YOU PAYMENTS ON TIME!!!
    7. Avoid incentives- you don’t need a credit card at every store.  Only borrow what you can afford.  A credit car is not free money!

    Credit is tricky.  It can benefit or hurt you.  Being smart with it is really the key component.  Do your homework, educate yourself and make responsible choices.  When it comes to purchasing a home, your credit score along with your debt ratio is a big component.  If you are looking to purchase a new home, be sure to meet with your lender to get a better understanding of where you stand and what you can afford.  Contact me today and lets get your pre-approved for you new home!

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