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Program guidelines
Down Payment Assistance: Up to 5%. Additional assistance of 1% if the Borrowers qualify as follows: First Responders; Income Qualified Borrowers; Military Personnel; Teachers
Income Limits: Government & Conventional $105,000 (Conventional low income limit $58,320)
Purchase Price Maximum: FHA/VA loan limits apply / Fannie/Freddie GSE loan limits apply ($510,400)
Debt-To-Income*** :  Lesser of 50% DTI or AUS/DU/LPA approval
Fico Minimum: 640 for Conventional & Government but may vary with higher DTI’s
Eligible Areas: Maricopa County including the city of Phoenix
Home Buyer Education:Yes
Eligable Loan Types: FHA, VA, Conventional Fannie Mae HFA Preferred & 
Conventional Freddie Mac HFA Advantage

Home Plus**

Down Payment Assistance:Up to 5%
Income Limits: $109,965
Debt-To-Income***: Up to 50% DTI depending on loan type
Fico Minimum: 640 All Programs
Eligable Areas: Available in all counties
Home Buyer Education: Yes
Eligable Loan TypesFHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Fannie Mae HFA Preferred &
Conventional Freddie Mac HFA Advantage

Pima & Tuscan IDA**

Down Payment Assistance: Up to 5%
Note: Additional Income Subsidy (AIS) with HFA Advantage loan only:
80% AMI limit: $1,500
50% AMI limit: $2,500
Income Limits: 
• Government Loans: $99,169
• Conventional HFA Advantage: $99,169
• Conventional HFA Preferred: $66,200 (as of 480-418-4555
Note: Affordable Income Subsidy Grant – Freddie Mac HFA
Advantage loan only:
80% AMI limit: $48,480
50% AMI limit: $30,300
Purchase Price Maximum: N/A
Debt-To-Income***: 45% (50% for Conventional loans with AUS approval)
Fico Minimum: 640
Eligable Areas: Pima County including City of Tucson
Home Buyer Education: Yes
Eligable Loan Types: FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Fannie Mae HFA
Preferred & Conventional Freddie Mac HFA Advantage

Pathway To Purchase**

Down Payment Assistance: 10% (Not to exceed $20,000)
Income limits: $92,984
Purchase Price Limits: $371,936
Fico Minimum: 640
Debt To Income***: 45%
Eligable Areas: Specific Arizona zip codes
Eligable Loan Types: Conventional Freddie Mac HFA Advantage
Home Buyer Educaion: Yes

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