4 Things To Look For in a Good Neighborhood

4 Things To Look For in a Good Neighborhood

It’s the season of change and many new home buyers are in the market looking to lock in low interest rates and home prices. Learning about specific neighborhoods has become more important than ever. While visiting is the best way to see how you feel about an area, there are plenty of aspects you can research online. Let’s discuss the 4 things to look for in a good a neighborhood.

Learn About the Neighborhood’s Safety

There are four key factors that can help you paint a good picture of how safe an area is. Start by looking up crime statistics for the area and see how it compares to the national average. The inclusion of a neighborhood watch is another positive indicator and, along with adequate street lighting, deters a vast amount of criminal activity. Lastly, talk with residents and get their opinions on the neighborhood. No matter what, if your instincts are giving you doubt, don’t hesitate to take a look elsewhere.

See How Close Shopping Conveniences Are

Being able to quickly get to nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores and other shops that carry the necessities makes living in that neighborhood a much smoother experience. Restaurants are another huge consideration to make as having more food options and flavors to choose from creates lots of experiences with friends, family and loved ones.

Take a Look at the School District

Even if you don’t plan on having a child at the moment, it can’t hurt to gravitate towards a better school district in case plans change. Don’t go with a neighborhood you don’t enjoy just for the school district, but keep it in mind. There are three things to look for in a school district.

Class Programming

Schools that invest in programs that offer college-level courses or Advanced Placement, AP, classes help ready students for their collegiate experience by giving them a headstart on credits. These programs can help families save thousands on college courses.

Expansive Extracurricular Activities

Since a child’s natural talents and interests don’t become apparent right away, giving them every opportunity to explore these facets of themselves is crucial. There are hundreds of different sports, art, food, theater, and other school-sponsored clubs to cater to any child’s interests.

Involved Parent Teacher Associations

Whether it’s a Parent Teacher Association or Organization, it’s important that parents are able to have a clear say in their children’s daily care and education. Pairing qualified staff with respectfully concerned parents leads to a curated school experience that fosters growth and development.

Figure Out How You’ll Get Around

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, then your commute concerns are how far away the office is at any given time. For those who will need to commute to an office or venue, map out the drive or commute from each prospective home. Do this at different times throughout the day to see when peak traffic flow slows down and start planning your trips around it.

Getting out to move is still important regardless of where you work. Look into local parks for you as well as any children or dogs you may have. Having good sidewalks and walking trails opens up the option to walk to nearby stores during the nicer seasons with dog and kids’ parks giving your little ones room to play.

When you’re ready to find opportunities to purchase your dream home in the perfect neighborhood, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Potempa Team. We’ll work with you to find the ideal lending options based on your budget and property goals. Get started today.

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