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Areas We Serve

Our lineup of world-class mortgage originators that make up the Potempa Team are able to service loans in various states throughout the US. We take pride in our individual approach to each and every client that we meet, putting over 25 years of combined experience to work finding the perfect product to fit any home lending needs.

We have originated over $1 Billion in loans over the past year and expanded our footprint through building relationships and increasing presence in each state through our world-class service and commitment to easy and accessible home loans. We are proudly serving the following states:


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We are excited to bring our experience and unique market insights to your home state. We spent three years in the top 1% of US mortgage originators from 2015-2017, showcasing our ability to provide reliable and consistent client experiences.

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Home Lending Solutions We Offer

Part of making the home loan process as easy as possible is creating as many options as possible to provide a loan that fits our customer’s budget, housing needs and financial goals. As such, we’ve worked to create a team of experts that can assist with in-depth knowledge on any of our home lending products.


Providing a pre-approval for a mortgage helps borrowers balance how much they’re willing to spend with the cost of each property, a key component in staying on budget and satisfied with the outcome.

Conventional Loans

A conforming conventional loan is one that follows the guidelines laid out by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, and the Federal National Mortgage Association, or Fannie Mae.

FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration, better known as the FHA, insures the loan which can help customers that don’t have the highest credit score still qualify for a loan. Ideal for first-time buyers.

VA Loans

Service members and their families can benefit from a government-backed VA loan, helping alleviate the pressure of a large down payment and costly mortgage insurance.

USDA Loans

The United States Department of Agriculture is another government entity offering to back the loans of qualified applicants. With more modest approval requirements, this program works to establish residents in rural areas with no down payment.

Jumbo Loans

For high-value property, we offer jumbo loans that use a tiered approach to contribution limits to help make the decision on how much to spend based on all factors of their financial situation and housing goals.

Working With Timothy and the Potempa Team

Timothy Potempa has closed over $33 billion during his career, earning him a feature in Top Agent Magazine in 2015. He built his team of premier agents by making sure they all shared his mission of helping each client and family find their perfect home on a budget that fits their needs.

Now with over 50 members on the Potempa Team, we’re continuously expanding our reach to provide mortgage origination and more importantly consultation. By working with and educating our clients on all of the options available, we can help assess what matters most and adjust the loan types explored as needed.

Don’t leave your mortgage decisions to someone else, meet with the Potempa Team to work through every detail together and make the right decision with confidence.

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