Best Mortgage Companies In Phoenix AZ

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Independent Mortgage Corporation is one of Phoenix’s leading mortgage companies that can help you get a mortgage loan today. Our team has more than a quarter-century of combined experience working with the best mortgage lenders in Arizona. Our company makes it easy to find a home loan by offering professional mortgage broker support and guidance.

Five Tips to Choose the Best Phoenix Mortgage Brokers

Choosing the best Arizona mortgage lenders is essential to receive a fair mortgage loan without hidden fees or surprises. Not every mortgage company suits every homebuyer’s needs, which is why we encourage clients to explore several options.

Please review the top five tips to consider when choosing a mortgage broker in Phoenix. At OneTrust Home Loans, we believe in offering in-depth details to promote educated consumerism.

  1. Stay Aware – Before applying with a mortgage lender, you may consider checking your credit score. Gathering your financial information before seeking a loan can provide a generalized idea of what to expect. By knowing your credit score and financial status before applying for a mortgage loan, you have invaluable knowledge that lets you know where you stand. At OneTrust Home Loans Company, we strive to provide transparent and honest services.
  2. Assistance Programs – Mortgage lenders can introduce homebuyers to assistance programs that help fund the required down payment. Several state housing agencies offer programs and incentive programs to nourish the housing market. Assistance and housing agency programs may not be a viable option for every buyer, but the programs deserve looking into for more details.
  3. Government Loans – A reliable mortgage broker will educate you regarding all loans you may qualify for when buying a home. Government-funded loans, like FHA loans, will expand your financial options because they are federally insured. While federally insured loans tend to offer relaxed loan qualifications, government loans don’t suit everyone.
  4. Rates – Homebuyers tend to believe that lenders have the upper hand when it comes to mortgage loans. However, that doesn’t mean that buyers don’t have room to negotiate terms. First-time homebuyers stand out as easy targets for sketchy mortgage loan companies. At OneTrust Home Loans, we always follow ethical business practices that put our customers’ needs first.
  5. Investigate – It is wise to investigate all mortgage brokers and lenders before committing to ensure low rates and favorable loan terms. Learning about a company’s previous customer testimonials and reviews is a straightforward way to practice smart shopping. Check out multiple lenders by obtaining free quotes to review annual percentage rates or any applicable origination fees.

Customized Products in Home Loans From Leading Mortgage Companies in Phoenix

When it comes to experience and value, you can’t beat our OneTrust Home Loans team. Our team understands that buying a home is a big deal that requires serious thought and research. We can create customized products in home loans for residents because of our collective knowledge about mortgage loans. Please contact us today by dialing 480-418-4555 to start the hunt for the best fitting mortgage loan. Let us offer professional assistance!

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