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Mortgage rates change without warning and may shift at random times, which adds pressure to people looking for a mortgage. Shopping for the mortgage should be easy when you know all associated costs. This case means you should remember mortgage rates and accumulate the right number deduction of what will benefit your property.

There are two ways to find the best mortgage rates in Phoenix AZ – finding a particular mortgage rate or shopping for a certain closing cost. You could ask the best Arizona mortgage lenders to get you a 4% mortgage rate and decide whether you can afford all other costs.

Everything you need to know about mortgage rates

What is the mortgage rate?

Today’s mortgage rates are 18% higher than they were in the 80s. The mortgage rate is the lender charges on the money you borrow to buy or refinance a home. Mortgage rates can be fixed or fluctuate as per the adjustable condition. Fixed rates are consistent throughout the loan’s life, while adjustable ones are variable after the first initial rate.

How do lenders set mortgage rates?

Fixed mortgage rates have their basis on conditions by the Treasury Bond. The rate will be higher when the yields are high. Adjustable rates have a basis on short-term indices. The lender considers many different factors, such as the competitor’s rates, consumer demand, and economic indicators of a fluctuating domestic product.

The rates set for the individual borrower can change immensely. The best mortgage lenders in Arizona check every loan application to determine the ability to pay it back. A major factor determining the rate is your credit score, deposit, existing debt record, or monthly income. Other subsidiary factors may include your residential location or the location of the property in question.

How does the rate work?

The amount you borrow is the principal of the loan. Every month’s payment does reduce the principal to increase our equity in the home. A larger portion of the initial payment will pay the accumulated interest until you can begin paying the principal.

What factors affect the mortgage rate?

Best Phoenix mortgage brokers attract clients when they have a favorable rate. The actual factors affecting the rate work in the following manner:

Credit score

Credit score requirements range from 580 to about 850. The bottom line is that a higher credit score will earn you a better interest rate. You can look for ways to improve your standing when you find quick ways to reduce the credit score.

Debt to income ratio

The ratio is between credit cards, student loans, and mortgages against the monthly gross income.


Mortgage rates vary between states and locations because of the different state taxes and fees. A home in an affluent neighborhood will have a higher rate than the more affordable neighborhood.


Different loans from The Potempa Team mortgage broker support will have different rates. Each will have a different down payment, interest type, and loan term.

It is difficult to know when the mortgage rates are at a favorably low value if you want to get a mortgage loan today. You can improve your chances of the rate by contacting 855-421-2753 for custom mortgage rates.


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