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Who Are We?

We are OneTrust Home Loans, one of the leading mortgage companies in Arizona. Providing great rates and loan options for our customers are some of the key services we offer. We also offer some of the best mortgage rates in Arizona and really fast turn times. You also get personalized services if we act as your advisor, who walks you through the mortgage loan process.

What is a Servicing Transfer?

It is a transfer of mortgage servicing between mortgage services. It does not change the terms of your mortgage loan. A servicing transfer is often accompanied by notices from both your servicers intimating you of the transfer of services. It would be best to discuss the dynamics of a servicing transfer if you are shopping for jumbo loan programs in Phoenix.

What can I expect after my loan closes?

One reason why we are one of the best places for the best home loans in Scottsdale(besides the fact that we offer some of the best Scottsdale mortgage rates) is the way we work, interact with each other and serve our customers, team members and local communities. So at about the 20th business day after your loan funds, our Concierge team will attempt to make a Welcome Call where someone will discuss the following with you:

  • Your contact information: mailing address, email address, and phone numbers.
  • Information on your first payment due.
  • Details regarding your new mortgage servicer.

Can the servicing of my loan be switched to a Servicer other than the one it has been transferred to?

No. We are unable to change whom your loan is sold to and who services it. However, we may serve as an advocate if there is written authorization for that.

Will My Fixed Rate Mortgage Payment Fluctuate During the Life of the Loan?

No. But the taxes and insurance might. This is because a fixed-rate loan offers a fixed term as well as a fixed interest rate. In some instances, your monthly mortgage payment may also include interest, taxes and insurance.

What is a Recast?

It is the process of paying a large principal payment on your loan and re-amortizing the payments over the remaining term of the mortgage. It does not shorten the term or change the interest rate, although it reduces the principal and interest portion of the monthly payment over the remaining life of your loan.

Is an Escrow Account required on my loan?

It depends on the loan. Escrow accounts are required for FHA and VA loans, while conventional loan types may qualify for escrow deletion on the condition the specific requirements of the investors are met.

Get in touch with us for the best mortgage advice

Do you need a trusted mortgage advisor to guide you through every step of the mortgage or loan process? You need not look beyond the professionals at OneTrust Home Loans. We take it upon ourselves to provide highly specialized services for all mortgage or loan seekers and arm them with all they need to make informed decisions. Call us at 480-418-4555 to learn more about competitive low-rate home loans and refinancing.

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