Housing Trends in Washington

Cozy patio area with Puget Sound view. Tacoma, WA

Washington is most often the state that comes to mind when someone mentions the Pacific Northwest. While it’s up for debate whether Washington or Oregon is the most beautiful state in the region, Washington continues to attract more and more new movers every year. Both nature lovers and tech moguls have their sites set on Washington, meaning more and more demand as time passes.

Washington’s Market Is At New Heights

Having access to the coast, mountains, woods AND rivers makes Washington the perfect destination to unplug on vacation and an especially attractive spot to settle down. Waking up every morning to a lush, evergreen landscape does come at a cost though. The median price for a single-family home, statewide, is $555,000 which is a 23.3% hike from this time last year.

A driving force behind this is a mass exodus from California as residents look to lower their cost of living using the newfound freedom of an evolving remote work lifestyle. Digital nomads with high-level tech jobs are flocking north creating this unprecedented demand for homes. The state has 42% less homes for sale with the median number of days on the market being just one week!

Washington Makes Moves Permanent

Once someone has moved to Washington, they often find themselves falling head over heels for the region. Family-minded individuals or partners will be happy to start raising little ones in an area of ample opportunity. With the state becoming a hub for tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, there is always opportunity for skilled workers to find and start a career.

Washington State University and the University of Washington offer some of the most advanced and accessible research programs in the country spanning fields such as biology, information technology, biopharma innovation and city/nature planning. Offerings such as this pair perfectly with the state’s love and admiration for their surrounding landscape.

A State Made of Individuals

As a whole, Washington boasts amazing statistics for quality of life and resident happiness. What makes this possible are the communities that surround the epicenter of Seattle. Olympia has been ranking as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in the US for four years running now with Spokane not far behind.

Coastal communities bring even more diversity to the state’s economy and culture, bringing nature from the coast into the heart of cities such as Seattle as a reminder of the idyllic surroundings that house the Silicon Valley tech rival. Diversity also finds its way into the weather of Washington. Eastern regions of the state can see hundreds of inches of snow each year while the western half rarely sees snow or temperatures below 40 in the winter.

When it comes to moving to Washington, everyone from tech gurus to mountain folk can find their ideal spot to set up and shop and start growing roots. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here with the Potempa Team. We’re standing by ready to help you finance your next real estate move.

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