Why OneTrust Home Loans?

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OneTrust Home Loans understands that reviewing mortgage brokers and lenders takes time, patience, and dedication. Plus, it helps if you create a generalized idea of what you can accomplish within your means.

As part of the Potempa Team, our staff works endlessly to maintain a prestigious reputation throughout our years of service. Investigating potential loan options and walking hand-in-hand with our customers puts our mortgage corporation significantly ahead of its competitors. OneTrust Home Loans and its staff take daily action to help people navigate the home buying process.

Five of the Best OneTrust Home Loans Options Currently Available

At OneTrust Home Loans, we aim to support our clients with knowledge and information. Shopping for mortgage lenders and sifting through loan options are crucial decisions that impact the rest of your life.

Our crew of mortgage experts believes in stimulating educated decisions within our clients. Please consider the following five best OneTrust Home Loan loan options when buying a home or new property.

  1. Conventional Loans – Our staff has experience working with individuals seeking traditional home loans. Conventional loans previously required initial down payments with ten percent minimums, but most previous regulations have evolved or been eliminated to influence growth in the housing market. OneTrust Home Loans can explain detailed requirements related to conventional loans without confusing jargon.
  2. VA Loans – You qualify for a VA loan if you have or currently serve the United States military. Military service members stand eligible to receive federally insured home loans with lower down payment requirements. People who haven’t served in any American military branch cannot qualify for VA loans’ special incentives.
  3. FHA – FHA loans share several similarities with VA loans as the federal government insures them both. Since FHA and VA loans qualify for national insurance, the loans reduce the obstacles that stand in the way of obtaining a mortgage. The Federal Housing Authority insures FHA loans, but not everyone meets the strict criteria to receive approval.
  4. USDA Loans – USDA loans also come backed with insurance from the United States Department of Agriculture that eliminates strict loan criteria. USDA loans focus on stimulating the growth of the agricultural industry by assisting farmers and ranch owners. The Department of Agriculture hopes USDA loans will benefit urban areas within a specific geographical location. Potential farmers who fall into the household guidelines and location requirements can receive up to one hundred percent financing.
  5. Jumbo Loans – While jumbo loans aren’t typical, our team at OneTrust Home Loans can offer a helping hand with these loans. Jumbo loans share similarities with conventional loans, but just like FHA and VA loans, there are some significant differences. Our staff at Fairway will review loan options that you qualify for without leaving you confused or overwhelmed.

OneTrust Home Loans makes it easy to apply for multiple loans without setbacks or complications. Please dial 480-418-4555 to speak with a mortgage loan specialist from our elite line of representatives. Our firm can act as an anchor while you safely explore mortgage lenders most likely to approve your application!

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