Why Is Arizona a Prime Location for the Winter Months?

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It’s that time of year again when the snowbirds begin flocking to warmer climates in an attempt to escape the harsh winter weather. While the Southwest has always been a hotspot for these travelers, Arizona is becoming more and more popular each year even amidst the pandemic. Even the Midwest is seeing colder, icier winters that drive residents to look for a home away from home until spring arrives.

But what makes Arizona such a popular destination for second homes and vacation rentals? It’s simply a beautiful, warm and affordable option while having locales that range from metro hubs to rural stops that embrace the nature around them.

Attractive Environments Throughout the State

One of the largest draws of the Arizona winters is how mild the heat is, giving a warm embrace to residents both current and new instead of blankets of snow. Phoenix and Tucson are two of the most popular locations for snowbirds to nest for the season, both giving access to vibrant nightlife and a melting pot of different cultures, arts and locally owned businesses to stroll through during the day.

Getting out of town you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed away from the crowds giving everyone an option to get out and experience Arizona in a way that makes them comfortable. Trails for hiking and cycling are abundant and maintained throughout the year. Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale all have access to state parks and the Hawes Trail System to keep even the most avid nature enthusiast happy with something new to discover every day.

The Locals Welcome Snowbirds With Open Arms

This coming winter season is the perfect time for individuals and families alike to get out and stretch their legs after being stuck inside for so long! The urban bustle of downtown has the energy to match every level of socialite or professional shopper with foodies able to take advantage of outdoor seating or takeout from a diverse selection of international cuisines. While some parts of the world may not be inviting to guests, Arizona has truly gotten hospitality down to a science.

If the city life is what you’re trying to get away from, you’re even luckier as home prices start becoming even more affordable the further from the city you get. The exceptions are areas right on the edge of parks and nature hot spots, but even these areas have lucrative options to purchase a rental property that covers the cost of your annual migrations to the region. Both traditional rentals and Airbnb’s have excellent returns on investment meaning you can choose the option that best matches your mortgage costs.

Experience the New Type of Winter Wonderland

Whether you’re looking to take out a jumbo mortgage to purchase the Arizona ranch of your dreams or just want a cozy getaway to keep warm during winter, the Potempa Team is ready to help you find the perfect home lending solution.

Looking to build your own winter oasis? We work with multiple local home building companies to facilitate construction loans with rates and terms that fit your budget and lifestyle goals. Be among the first to take advantage of lifted restrictions and experience what Arizona is truly about, all with a simple phone call or message to our team.

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