Why Should You Join The Potempa Team?

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Are you a loan officer looking to take your career to new heights? Look no further than The Potempa Team! With an exceptional leadership team, a track record of success, and decades of lending experience, The Potempa Team with OneTrust Home Loans offers an incredible opportunity for you to join a dynamic lending team that can help you grow your career and achieve lasting success.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a lender with years of experience, the team you work with can have a big impact on your career. You have a choice when it comes to the company you partner with, and we at The Potempa Team are proud to offer five distinct advantages for our loan officers.

Production-Centric Leadership Team

Led by Timothy Potempa, our leadership team is comprised of individuals who have all excelled on the sales side of the business. They know exactly what it takes to succeed as a mortgage lender, no matter what’s happening with the housing market. With over seventy combined years of industry experience, they are uniquely positioned to guide and support you in finding innovative ways to win and close deals. This invaluable leadership ensures that you receive the mentorship and guidance necessary to become a top originator in the industry.

A Snapshot of Some of Tim Potempa’s Awards:

-#1 FHA Loan Volume in the US – 2022 Scotsman Guide
-#6 Loans Closed in the US – 2022 Scotsman Guide
-INC 5000 List
-Chairman’s Club Award: 13 Years and Counting
-#18 Loan Officer By Production – Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC)
-OneTrust Home Loans Top-Performing Team (By Units and Volume) April 2022 – April 2023


The Potempa Team empowers its loan officers to make informed decisions and optimize their business strategies by maintaining transparency around margins and pricing. This transparency not only cultivates trust with clients, it also enables our loan officers to maximize their earning potential and increase their business.

Fastest Closing Timelines in the Industry

In today’s competitive mortgage market, closing loans quickly is crucial. Clients look for it and real estate agents all but demand it from their mortgage partners. With dedicated loan officer assistants (LOAs) and in-house processors assigned to every file, our loan officers benefit from a streamlined process that helps most loans close within an impressive 10-15 day timeframe. This efficient and expedited process allows our loan officers to provide exceptional service to clients, build strong relationships with their agent partners, and achieve greater success.

Expansive Loan Product Options

Every client is different and so are their home loan needs. With in-house underwriting and a comprehensive range of loan products, including FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional loans, as well as additional bridge and portfolio loan products, our loan officers can offer clients a multitude of choices to finance their purchases. Furthermore, The Potempa Team’s in-house Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program, available in 48 states, further expands the options for clients.

Coaching and Mentoring to Grow Your Mortgage Career

Our loan officers receive unparalleled coaching and mentoring opportunities. Through personalized guidance and support, our loan officers harness the power of marketing, branding, lead generation, and proven success systems to establish a thriving mortgage lending career. The Potempa Team’s commitment to your professional growth ensures that you have the resources and knowledge to become a top originator. Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn from the #1 FHA originator in the country as well as the #1 overall loan originator!

With a proven track record of success, a production-centric leadership team, expansive product options, and exceptional coaching and mentoring, The Potempa Team provides a nurturing and empowering environment for loan officers to thrive. Don’t miss out on the chance to join an award-winning team that has originated over $25 billion in career mortgages. Unlock your full career potential with The Potempa Team today! Please click here to send your resume.

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