Why You Should Choose Potempa Team For Your Loan In Phoenix AZ

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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation helps people find the best mortgage loans in Phoenix, AZ, no matter the size of their budgets. With twenty-five years of professional experience, it is easy to see that our company has the best mortgage lenders in Arizona. When you work with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, you can access mortgage broker support to get a mortgage loan today.

Five Reasons to Choose Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Putting our noses to the stone and working hard aren’t new practices for the team at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. We worked endlessly to earn our reputation among the best Arizona mortgage lenders to help local homeowners. Please review the following reasons Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation stands out as the best Phoenix mortgage lenders.

  1. Experience – Every member of our team at Fairway remains dedicated to assisting those searching for a home loan. Working together as a team has opened up new loan options for clients facing limited offers. Clients can expect our mortgage brokers to provide friendly support from start to finish. Using our extinguished resources, we will establish your mortgage selections without delay.
  2. Fast Turn Times – Besides seeking the best rates for our customers, our team at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation strives to accomplish quick response and turn times. The branch manager at Fairway feels confident that all services effectively compete with similar service providers. Because of the lightning-fast turnaround times, you don’t have to await an answer from potential lenders nervously.
  3. Knowledge – At Fairway, we drive our company’s success and our clients’ success using knowledge as power. Information and industry resources fuel the fire that forces our customized mortgage loan services to the top of the charts. Accessing prestigious data resources allows us to introduce our clients to a broad range of loan possibilities without practicing rate gouging. Our crew of brokers can review loans we feel best suits your needs.
  4. Convenience – The team at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has a convenient location with aesthetic landscaping and free parking areas. Besides our brick and mortar services, clients at Fairway can also communicate with us about mortgage loans using web-based solutions. The current times bring unprecedented business practices, but our services have evolved to make accommodations.
  5. Understanding Loan Limits – Arizona has limits put in place by FHFA on conventional loans, which makes up the majority of home loans in the state. Loans surpassing the unit limits fall into the category of jumbo loans that our mortgage brokers are familiar with. At Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, we will happily explain loan limits and how they play a role in your mortgage loan process.

Customized Home Loan Products in Arizona

Out of the numerous customizable things in life, you wouldn’t expect home loans to be one of them. At Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, we can help introduce you to a menu of the best-customized products in mortgage loans. Please reach out to our support representatives to ask questions and start the path toward being approved for a home loan.