Housing Trends in Oregon

Sunset View from Deck of Luxury Homes

Being able to settle down in one of the most nature-diverse areas of the country is the dream that brings so many to the beautiful state of Oregon. The types of locale range from peaceful mountainsides to bustling hubs of city, all with a love for nature and one another.

Oregon Is Premium Real Estate For Good Reason

Oregon is one of the many states seeing a large influx of migration from California residents looking to escape to a lower cost of living. That being said, the Oregon housing market is above the national average, though still much more affordable than CA. The median price for a single-family home in Oregon is $380,000 with homes seeing 9.17% appreciation in the last 12 months.

For those looking to move specifically to the Portland area, you’ll need to be mindful of higher prices. Up 11.6% year-over-year, the median price for a single-family home in Portland is $530,000. Projections from companies such as Zillow tell us to expect this same rate of increase over the next year meaning the sooner you’re able to find a home in Portland, the better!

What Sets Oregon Apart From the Other States

The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes and Oregon is the crown jewel of them all. You can start your day on the deepest lake in America before hiking through the forest and scaling the side of a mountain. If you’re looking for somewhere to tackle in an off-road vehicle then you’ll find river gorges for rock crawling and vast desserts to open up the engine for maximum speed.

Exciting nature outings aside, Oregon has amenities that everyone is able to take full advantage of! One of the most enticing is the lack of sales tax in the state. Sticker price is the final price, meaning residents can saves hundreds on taxes throughout the year or even all at once for large purchases.

Oregon Has a Bright Future

If there’s one defining feature of Oregon residents is the overwhelming sense of love and responsibility for the nature surrounding the state that they’ve made their home in. Portland has the highest percentage of commuters that bike to work, just one of the community pushes towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Oregon was even the first state to adopt bottle deposits to encourage recycling of often discarded soda bottles and cans!

The economy in Oregon is also expanding as more and more high-level tech professionals and executives adapt to remote work and look to move their base of operations out of Silicon Valley. As more companies follow suit, more high-paying jobs will be created to accommodate more moves to the state.

Oregon truly has gorgeous landscapes both in nature and community. If you’re looking to wake up to fresh mountain air, or the always fascinating streets of Portland, then we encourage you to take a moment and reach out to the Potempa Team.

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