Announcing the Potempa Team’s New Partnership with Turbo Insurance!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news that could make your journey to owning a home a whole lot smoother in 2024 and beyond. The Potempa Team is teaming up with Turbo Insurance! Picture this: a key that not only unlocks the door to your dream home but also opens possibilities for more affordable insurance and a better shot at securing that mortgage. This collaboration isn’t just about buying houses; it’s about turning those homeownership dreams into reality.

Who is Turbo Insurance?

Turbo provides lenders like the Potempa Team with a real-time insurance quote that sifts through multiple top carriers to find the best rate in seconds. For you, the future homeowner, this means no more hunting for quotes or unexpected delays in the origination process. Whether you’re diving into a new purchase or fine-tuning a refinance, Turbo Insurance and the Potempa Team are your shortcut to closing the deal quickly and smoothly. Click here to get a quote now!

What Kind of Coverage and Policies Are Available?

Homeowner’s insurance gives you peace of mind. Turbo offers a variety of different policy options. A great general homeowner’s insurance policy is a good first step, but they offer supplement policies as well so you can create something that works for you and your home! Insuring your personal property safeguards your expensive possessions like antique furniture and fine art. You can also get a supplement policy for jewelry or a policy to cover you if someone gets hurt on your property. If you plan to rent out your home, they have policies for that, too. You can also get additional coverage for weather-related disasters, like storms and fires.

Why Should You Choose to Work with the Potempa Team and Turbo Insurance?

Simply put, we are your competitive advantage when it comes to buying a home in this market. The Potempa Team is not your average home lender—we’re the architects of homeownership dreams, dedicated to turning your vision into reality in 49 US states! Our strategic partnership with Turbo Insurance brings simplicity to the table. It’s a one-stop shop, a seamless collaboration that doesn’t just open doors to your dream home but ensures those doors are protected with the right insurance coverage. It’s about affordability, speed, and the assurance that your journey into homeownership is backed by a team that understands your unique needs.


Ready to experience the power of a partnership designed to make your home-buying experience a breeze? Click here to start your journey to homeownership with the Potempa Team today!

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