Planning to Buy a Home in 2023? Take These Key Steps Now

Planning to buy a home in 2023? A New Year means new goals. If homeownership has been on your list of dreams to accomplish, make them a reality in 2023! Start by taking these key next steps to begin the process of purchasing a home.

Speak to a Lender

The first step you should take to buy a home in 2023 is to meet with an experienced and reputable lender. When you work with the Potempa Team, you’ll benefit from our years of experience in the industry. With over $30 Billion in loans closed and a ranking as one of the Top 100 Loan Originators nationwide, Timothy Potempa and his team are your resource to buy a home in Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, and more.

From our first conversation, you’ll get a clear idea of where you currently stand and what you’ll need to do next to make your homeownership goals a reality. We’ll help you understand the current market and how it affects your purchasing power so you can be confident in your next steps. Shifts in the housing market across the country are providing new opportunities for prospective home buyers in 2023 – will you be next? Click here to contact our team.  

Learn About Loan Program Options

The Potempa Team is backed by a powerful and unique suite of loan products available through OneTrust Home Loans. From the standard FHA and Conventional loan options, to VA loans for military service members, to unique products that are ideally suited to today’s evolving housing market, we’ll help you determine which loans programs you not only qualify for now but which ones will be best for your circumstances and goals.

You may think it makes sense to just get a loan through your current bank, but don’t leave money on the table by not doing your due diligence and thoroughly investigating all your options. Not all lenders and loan programs are created equal. At the Potempa Team, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction. With more than 2,600 mortgages closed and almost 4,000 happy clients, let us show you what we will do differently to earn your business.

Gather Your Documents

Once you’ve met with a lender, the next step to buy a home in 2023 is to gather all the necessary documents and files you’ll need to get pre-approved for your mortgage. You’ll walk away from your meeting with the Potempa Team with a personalized checklist of items you need to collect, but here are a few items we’ll be looking for to give you an idea.

-Two forms of identification, which can include a driver’s license, birth certificate, military ID, passport, social security card, proof of citizenship, or state-issued ID.

-If you’re currently employed by someone else, we’ll be looking for the last two years of tax returns, pay stubs, W-2s and 1099s, bank statements, and your employer’s contact information.

-If you’re self-employed, we’ll want your last two years of income tax returns, 1099s, and bank statements to verify your income.

 -You’ll also need proof of address. Things like your rental agreement, utility bills, voter registration card, bank or credit card statement, or proof of insurance for your car or home can all be used to verify your current address.

Improve Your Credit

If you’re not where you want to be with your credit or a life event is preventing you from starting your home search right away, it’s a good idea to spend that time working on your credit. In general, the better your credit, the better your rate, and the more loan programs that will be open to you.

Credit repair services are available, but easy ways to improve your credit score yourself are to pay your bills on time, pay down your credit card balances to lower your credit utilization, and ask for higher credit limits. Don’t forget to review and dispute or correct any blemishes on your credit.

Get Pre-Approved

Ready to take the next big step to buy a home in 2023? Start the loan application process with the Potempa Team! We’ll go through all of your personal documents and numbers to provide you with a pre-approval letter. This pre-approval letter is something you’ll want to have in hand when you start working with a Realtor and making offers on homes.

Start Your Search!

Once you have that pre-approval letter, it’s time to begin working with a qualified real estate agent in your area. We have many strong Realtor partners in Arizona, California, and beyond. We would be happy to do an introduction so you can interview them and decide if they are the right fit for you.

With your Realtor’s help, you’ll narrow down homes, tour properties, and eventually, make an offer on your dream home. We will be by your side during the purchase process to be sure your escrow proceeds as smoothly as possible!


Let’s make 2023 the year you buy a home. Contact the Potempa Team today to learn more about our services and take the next steps to homeownership! 

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